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Quicker than a turd stained fox jumping over a lazy pig fucker.

This Template inserts a SPAN tag to control the font-family property easily.


Where XXX is the alpha-numeric font-family selector (see charts below):

{{A/F | XXX | TEXT }}

Usage with all available options:

{{A/F | XXX | TEXT | 'Alternate', 'Font' ,| extrastyles:optional | s=SIZE | c=COLOR | l=LINEHEIGHT | tag=span | m=MARGIN | ts=TEXTSHADOW }}

Note: To use any fonts specify them (including a default) in the 3rd parameter:

{{A/F | | TEXT | 'Default', 'Alternate', 'Font', sans-serif }}

There is actually quite a bit that you can do with this template if you know how.

Font Test Strip[عدل]


Quicker than a turd stained fox jumping over a lazy pig fucker.

Font Requests[عدل]

Leave a note here if there is a font you would like to add to this template.


Leave a note here if a font does not display for you. Please indicate which font(s) and what operating system you are using.