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Regarding the Fandom's kicking of Uncyclopedias[عدل]

Sorry to post this in English... I need to post to all reachable Uncycs and I'm too busy to translate the same messages one by one.

However, that's not the point. The point is that two of the supporters of Uncyclopedias, Miraheze and (by Lyrithya), have agreed to help all the Uncycs and to reorganize them all, including those hosted by Carlb (which have also suffered from poor technical supports for years), and have created a forum on UnMeta regarding it. The available options and the basic principles regarding this reorganization plan are shown there in detail, and you can seek for the solution based on the provided information.

After a conclusion is drawn, please post your decision to the forum above so that we can deal with issues including interwiki prefixes.

Thanks for reading, and please feel free to join our newly created UnMeta Discord if you need our help.--The Pioneer JP (نقاش) ١٤:٣٠، فبراير ٢٧، ٢٠١٩ (توقيت ظهور المهدي عجل الله فرجه)